On Monday, May 5, 2003, Caron Cooper called Stewart Mayer who called Bill Satterwhite, and they said to each other "Let’s do this crazy thing!"

Within four days, "i dunno productions" was assembled to compete in the “Professional” category of the Dallas Video Association's 24-Hour Video Race.

Ten crew members, more than 20 cast members, several locations, and donations of equipment and services from half a dozen film-related companies all fell perfectly into place.

With a budget of $200 — of which $150 was used to pay the registration fee — and within a 24-hour period, “One-Hit Brolly” was written, shot on super 16 film, processed, transferred, scored, edited, mixed and delivered! James Neel even wrote and recorded an original song, using one of our many talented actors!

Every spoken word...

Every shot you see...

Every note you hear...

Conceived after midnight, May 10, 2003.

We must be nuts!

The parameters of the competition were announced to all of the teams at midnight and had to be incorporated. They were:

Theme: The Stranger

Prop: Umbrella

Location: A body of water

Dialogue: “We must be nuts.”

It must be noted that this was a video competition, and yet we opted to go above and beyond, shooting the entire movie in film.

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