11 months old?! … {Seattle Children’s Portraits}

My baby boy. 11 months today. I am the happiest mama, and at the same time I want to bawl my eyes out!

Your 11-month photo was definitely more challenging than the last. Gone are the days of propping you up in the corner of your chair and snapping a couple photos. You are climbing, crawling, rolling, sliding and learning to take tumbles like a tough little guy. Did I mention you are climbing?! And pulling yourself up and trying to reach doorknobs and… You will be walking in no time. We have already started discussing new baby-proofing strategies.

Now if only we can get you more interested in solid food. We were so lucky to find the right formula to supplement when I couldn’t keep up with you anymore. Those were tough days. It’s hard not living up to your expectations, but you’ll learn about that someday, and that you just keep going. I am so proud of how far we made it! And you love your milk! So much so that fruits and veggies are relatively uninteresting so far…we’ll keep trying of course. I cannot imagine giving you a cake to eat and smash on your first birthday. But so much can change in just a day. You show me that all the time.

We love you, baby boy. We can’t wait to see what you learn next.

His outfits this month are classics. Vintage 1980s. My mother-in-law gave us the red overalls and the knit outfit, which were worn by my husband when he was six months old. {My husband was “definitely chunkier” than our baby boy, according to my MIL 😝}  The other outfit was a gift from his favorite aunt. 😉




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