“Good things come…” {Florida Beach Maternity}

“…to those who wait.”

We’ve all heard it before and likely often, from our elders or friends…or the old Heinz Ketchup commercials. My dear friend, Becki, is a perfect example.

And not to say she hasn’t been blessed, because she has. Steven+Becki met and fell in love some five years ago and were married a couple years later. They have built a wonderful life, filled with family and friends, and they couldn’t wait to become parents.

Last year was a tougher one. But every morning when the sun rises, we’re reminded of the circle of life. That good things will come again. And when the timing was right, Becki learned she was pregnant.

Congratulations to Steven+Becki, your strength during the bad times and refusal to take for granted the good is inspirational. You’re going to be great parents.

*Abigail Grace was born on Father’s Day, just to sweeten the deal a little more. Mom+Dad are over the moon. And I hear she’s…well, perfect.


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