Once upon a time, Part II … {St. Pete Beach Wedding}

Once upon a time, it was the first day of fall. The drive to St. Pete Beach on that cool September morning was particularly picturesque. There’s something so calming and yet exhilarating about a coastal view in the morning, and I knew then that Crystal+Jeremy’s wedding day would be the perfect day to start their happily ever after.

It’s been a blast getting to know Crystal+Jeremy over the last year! Not only do they love sports and each other, they L-O-V-E love the movies! Their movie-inspired engagment session at Burns Court was so much fun! And they kept the theme going with a blockbuster wedding reception! It’s only fitting that their love is the kind that inspires those over-the-top romantic comedies. She’s the Sandy to his Danny Zuko. And he’s the Westley to her Princess Buttercup. Their dedication, support and pure enjoyment of each other is obvious to all who know and love them.

Congratulations Crystal+Jeremy! It was an honor to document your wedding day. May you truly happily every after!



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