It was still dark when we arrived at the first location for Crystal+Jeremy’s engagement shoot. We encourage our couples to choose the locations and themes, and this one was Jeremy’s choice. We were going for a little tailgating and a lot of love, hoping to take advantage of the morning glory that would soon peek over the trees. It was a pretty great backdrop for Jeremy’s bright blue Jeep, Crystal’s bright blue eyes and their Ohio State pride! (Crystal suggested I wait until the end of the shoot to tell Jeremy I’m a Wolverines fan… smart girl!)

In addition to their love for each other and the Buckeyes, Crystal+Jeremy also love the movies. And I mean, love them. When they’re not watching the game, it’s likely they’re catching the latest blockbuster. Crystal’s location choice was Downtown Sarasota and the Burns Court theater. It was a fun way to end a great day! And I could easily imagine the classic fairytale voice-over announcing, “…and they lived happily ever after.” I can’t wait to see the real thing.

Cheers to Crystal+Jeremy! Next year will be here before you know it!

Just weeks before my best friend was to be married, we decided to shoot an impromptu bridal portrait. We dolled her up before one of her fittings and shot the portrait right in the boutique. La Mariée Haute Couture Bridal in Sarasota has a fabulous mirror that provided a simple backdrop for the shot that was displayed at her wedding reception.

Sara’s wedding was photographed by Reign 7 Studios — they did an amazing job. (I already had my hands full as a bridesmaid and her wedding planner!) But I did snap a few shots of her gown the morning of her wedding, along with the cute hanger gifted by her sister-in-law.