“I’m thinking balls are to men, what purses are to women. It’s just a little bag but we’d feel naked in public without it.” — Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw (“Sex And The City”)

I’m not nearly as fashion-hungry and purse-spoiled as Carrie, but I do love a great bag! I’ve recently been on the lookout for a unique and utilitarian addition to my collection. I was a huge fan of the over-the-shoulder, messenger-type bag during my college years, opting more for handbags and clutches of late.

I’m the type who weighs all the factors and considers multiple options when faced with a decision. Often I end up choosing the safest option when I can’t stall any longer. I literally spent 20 minutes choosing a nail polish today…and ended up with red (OPI Big Apple Red <3).

We had the occasion to hang out in St. Pete/Tampa for the day – America’s favorite pastime in the afternoon followed by one of my all-time favorites, Dave Matthews. I couldn’t wait any longer! I wanted a cute bag for the day that I couldn’t possibly lose :) The shops on Central Avenue in St. Pete did not disappoint.

After trying on every purse on the block (and exhausting my man), I took the plunge with a @SkunkFunk at Cozette’s Boutique. I love the colors, and the leather hand-rest-strap-thing is clever and comfortable. But what really excited me is that it’s made from recycled materials by a company that cares about sustainability. My bag was made with plastic bottles and tires, and it smells great :) Learn more at www.skunkfunk.com/sustainability.php and check out the other great bags at www.shopskunkfunk.com.

And what a great little boutique! So many lovely aromas! I also picked up a divine, all-natural artisan lavender soap from Sweet Harvest Farms (Tampa, FL) and a Fleur de Lys Soy Patchouli Ginger candle from Himalyan Trading Post (Decatur, GA). The entire experience was a pleasure. Many thanks, Cozette!

Caron Cooper Photography @Skunkfunk



“One man cannot make a team.” -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I chose this quote for Becki+Donovan’s engagement session because, to me, they are the definition of a team. We got together a handful of times before their shoot. I typically meet only with my Brides in the beginning to chat about wedding details and life. But it was a pleasant surprise to have Donovan at every meeting and to see them working together on the important aspects of their big day.

Of course, it’s more than that. Both are great in their own right, having earned respect and friendships along their individual journeys through adolescence and adulthood. But when they’re together, Becki+Donovan bring out the best in each other. They take care of each other. They challenge each other. They truly like and love each other.

For their engagement session, they decided to incorporate a football theme. Completely perfect. Becki has been an athlete for the majority of her life, and Donovan, well, he absolutely loves sports (Becki calls it an obsession…ha!). But together, they shine. Like a team, like every couple, they will inevitably face challenges. But together Becki+Donovan will always have winning seasons and be victorious in the end.

Cheers! Can’t wait to share the joy of your wedding day! Enjoy a sample from their winning shoot!

And here’s a taste of their formal session…

This next shot is inspired by a photo Becki found on Pinterest!