The art of long-distance love … {St. Augustine Engagement}

“Absence makes thy heart grow fonder.”

Though they both attended Penn State, Teela + Scott’s first close encounter was a couple years ago while visiting Avalon, New Jersey, for some sun and fun. And something told them then that it was love. Their only problem was geography — she was living in Philly, he was in Manhattan. If time was to keep them apart, distance would not, and the two cities became the setting for their storybook courtship. For more than a year they took turns traveling back and forth every weekend until Scott could call Pennsylvania home once again and be with his gal for good.

In June the couple returned to New York City to visit Scott’s friends. Little did Teela know this trip would be the start of their next chapter. Scott planned a romantic evening, which began at the Highline, an elevated park in the Meatpacking District and the scene of their first NYC date. It was there he proposed, and where she’ll always remember the feeling of pure happiness.

They ended this summer with a trip to St. Augustine. Their hope was that I would capture their affectionate and fun personalities in an artistic manner. No problem. Scott made his love for Teela look like an art form and she was his inspiration, like a painter and his muse. And the beauty of St. Augustine didn’t hurt!

Cheers to Teela + Scott — may your love always look like the work of art I witnessed that day.


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