Big dreams + the Big Day … {Tampa Wedding}

My partner and I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the wedding of Nicole+Justin, our last wedding of 2011. And what a lovely way to finish a fantastic year. We went to high school with the groom and a handful of their guests, making this wedding all that more special. It’s amazing to me to think back to the days of high school (10+ years ago…yikes!), how much we have all grown, matured…well, sort of.

Justin and I used to sit next to each other in Chemistry class. Back then I never would have dreamed I would be photographing weddings, let alone his. I actually thought I would be a doctor, perhaps a brain surgeon. Not so much :) But it reminds me how important it is to dream, at every age. For me, photographing weddings is a dream come true. For Nicole+Justin, it was finding each other.

Nicole+Justin’s wedding day was filled with dreams for their future, promises of love, support from family & friends, and memories to last a lifetime. And did I mention that Nicole was a stunner? To see her walk out and lay eyes on her groom was a brilliant moment; she was the definition of radiant. And the look on the groom’s face — pure delight.

A toast to the happy couple: May you remember forever the joys you felt that day, never forget to dream big and always be as lucky in life as you are in love.


  1. Kathy Rhodes says:

    You did a WONDERFUL job that day! Thanks for all your hard work! The Mother of the Bride would HIGHLY recommend you to others!

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