Close to home … {Backyard Country Wedding}

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”
-Khalil Gibran

The first time Kim and I spoke about her wedding, I asked her where it would take place. It was a no-brainer — in her parents’ backyard. She said she couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. With three siblings and a large extended family, her parents’ home has always been a place where family and friends gather, for holidays and birthdays, on the weekends and after church on Sundays.

When Kim was a little girl, her family planted a bottlebrush tree in the backyard. As she and her siblings grew up, so did the tree, eventually surpassing them all. It stands in the backyard as a symbol of their family, love, dedication, endurance. It was only natural that Kim+Travis would exchange their vows underneath it, with its beautiful blooms providing a beautiful backdrop.

Kim+Travis, may your love and life together, like the tree, develop strong roots, weather every storm, endure the test of time and continue to blossom with each new season.

Decor/Planning  { Cork & Copper }
Catering  { Roadside Rib Shack }
Bridesmaid Dresses  { Express }
Florist  { King’s Florist }
Hair  { A Salon }
DJ  { Music & More }

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  1. Kelly Getman says:

    Are you kidding me?? This has to be one of the most awesome weddings I have ever seen!! Such awesome details! And Caron… You did an awesome job of getting all of it! you rock!!!

  2. Josi King says:

    What a great wedding! I LOVE the decor. You did an awesome job photographing, Caron!

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