Once upon a time, it was the first day of fall. The drive to St. Pete Beach on that cool September morning was particularly picturesque. There’s something so calming and yet exhilarating about a coastal view in the morning, and I knew then that Crystal+Jeremy’s wedding day would be the perfect day to start their happily ever after.

It’s been a blast getting to know Crystal+Jeremy over the last year! Not only do they love sports and each other, they L-O-V-E love the movies! Their movie-inspired engagment session at Burns Court was so much fun! And they kept the theme going with a blockbuster wedding reception! It’s only fitting that their love is the kind that inspires those over-the-top romantic comedies. She’s the Sandy to his Danny Zuko. And he’s the Westley to her Princess Buttercup. Their dedication, support and pure enjoyment of each other is obvious to all who know and love them.

Congratulations Crystal+Jeremy! It was an honor to document your wedding day. May you truly happily every after!




“Love is when you can act like best friends, love each other like family, and protect each other like siblings.”

The Harrison sisters are a unit. There aren’t many times I recall seeing one without another or both. And when they welcome someone to the family, it’s forever.

Cortney met Bennett on a sales call. My guess is their fun-loving charm and humor were an immediate attraction. Needless to say, Cortney made the sale! It wasn’t long before Bennett became a regular at family functions. He proposed to Cortney, very fittingly, at her surprise 30th birthday party in front of their families and closest friends.

Cortney+Bennett’s beach wedding in the Keys was an extension of their lives together — boating, fishing, sunshine, laughter, quality time with family and friends, and more than enough love to go around. It was an honor to be included.

To the newlyweds, may the sun that shined on your wedding day always keep your love for one another growing.





Looking for a fun way to ask your girls to be part of your big day? Take a page from Cork&Copper’s style book & host a “Be My Bridesmaid” Luncheon. It’s such a thoughtful way to honor the women who will help make your day so special! Use the occasion to experiment with your wedding style — colors, patterns, textures. I love how C&C mixed the bold colors of citrus & berries with whimsical patterns.

If you need a couple pieces to complete your look, check out the amazing rentals from Cork & Copper! Their new website went live this month, and it was my absolute pleasure helping them bring their style & brand to life on the web.

Caron Cooper Photography also offers custom graphic & web design. Contact us for more info.




“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.”
-Khalil Gibran

The first time Kim and I spoke about her wedding, I asked her where it would take place. It was a no-brainer — in her parents’ backyard. She said she couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. With three siblings and a large extended family, her parents’ home has always been a place where family and friends gather, for holidays and birthdays, on the weekends and after church on Sundays.

When Kim was a little girl, her family planted a bottlebrush tree in the backyard. As she and her siblings grew up, so did the tree, eventually surpassing them all. It stands in the backyard as a symbol of their family, love, dedication, endurance. It was only natural that Kim+Travis would exchange their vows underneath it, with its beautiful blooms providing a beautiful backdrop.

Kim+Travis, may your love and life together, like the tree, develop strong roots, weather every storm, endure the test of time and continue to blossom with each new season.

Decor/Planning  { Cork & Copper }
Catering  { Roadside Rib Shack }
Bridesmaid Dresses  { Express }
Florist  { King’s Florist }
Hair  { A Salon }
DJ  { Music & More }

More photos can be found at CaronCooperPhotography.com.

My partner and I had the distinct pleasure of photographing the wedding of Nicole+Justin, our last wedding of 2011. And what a lovely way to finish a fantastic year. We went to high school with the groom and a handful of their guests, making this wedding all that more special. It’s amazing to me to think back to the days of high school (10+ years ago…yikes!), how much we have all grown, matured…well, sort of.

Justin and I used to sit next to each other in Chemistry class. Back then I never would have dreamed I would be photographing weddings, let alone his. I actually thought I would be a doctor, perhaps a brain surgeon. Not so much :) But it reminds me how important it is to dream, at every age. For me, photographing weddings is a dream come true. For Nicole+Justin, it was finding each other.

Nicole+Justin’s wedding day was filled with dreams for their future, promises of love, support from family & friends, and memories to last a lifetime. And did I mention that Nicole was a stunner? To see her walk out and lay eyes on her groom was a brilliant moment; she was the definition of radiant. And the look on the groom’s face — pure delight.

A toast to the happy couple: May you remember forever the joys you felt that day, never forget to dream big and always be as lucky in life as you are in love.